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(Ricka *8-metis*'s IP address: (Makaka's IP address:
2014 Spa 11 - 17:35

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Your first game Username (required). [SL]BoxBoy
2nd Video evidence dem file and ss (mandatory). http://www.speedyshare.com/37wPz/XTCS.dem
third 's Nick, the IP skundžiate (mandatory). Ricka *8-metis*'s IP address:
Makaka's IP address:

4th Describe the situation (mandatory). Free ungaged player for insulting me, and they insulted too.
5th Enter the location of the watch dem (start, middle, end) (required). end.
6th Write xtcs.lt which was filmed demo server. deathrun.
2014 Spa 11 - 20:39

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Player will be punished , nex time put your dem file in zippyshare.com , because noone will wait 30minutes to download your complaint.
Redagavo Velnias: 2014 Spa 11 - 21:32


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